Skateboarding in Minutes

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Developer: E-Lesson Mobile App
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Are you new to skateboarding?


Have you been skateboarding for a while and want to brush up on your tricks, and learn some new ones?

"Skateboarding in Minutes" can help you learn to skateboard and improve quickly!

In this critical acclaimed mobile app, our top professional instructor will take you through his Proven system and breaks the tricks down in the same way that has helped his students learn. If you are new to skateboarding, or if you have been skateboarding for a while, and want to get better, this is the best mobile app for you! Moreover, you can learn the skateboarding anytime anywhere by your phone or tablet.

** Learn these tricks and more **:

1. Ollie
2. Drop in
3. Heel Flip
4. Kick Flip
5. Nose Slide
6. Backside 50/50
7. Pop Shove
8. 360 Flip

** Features **:

-Designed by professional instructor;
-Progress monitor system;
-Easy to study;
-Video courses;
-Professional website support;
-More courses coming soon!